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What is the purpose of this document?

This Privacy Policy summarises the key moments in connection with the protection of your personal data and the methods of its processing by us. If you want more information about any specific processes, you can contact us using the contact data below.

Who are we?

HAPPINESS EOOD is a trading company registered with the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under UIC 103279218, having its headquarters and registered address at: Varna, Levski quarter, 25 Roza St, tel.: +359 882 999010, email address:, and is a personal data controller in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

How can you contact us?

Correspondence address: Sofia, I"Doctor Yordan Yosifov" 1, floor 3, tel.: +359 882 999010, email address:

How to contact our Personal Data Protection official?

Address: Sofia, I"Doctor Yordan Yosifov" 1, floor 3

Tel.: +359 52 603090


Data protection and information security are part of our corporate culture and policy.

What information can I find in this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy will provide you with exhaustive information in a clear and accessible language about what actions are applied to the personal data you submit to HAPPINESS EOOD (hereinafter referred to as “HAPPY DELIVERY”), including:

-              What personal data we collect about you

-              What the purpose of their collection is

-              The period of storage of the submitted personal data

-              With whom we share your personal data?

-              How we notify you of any change to our Privacy Policy

-              What types of cookies we use to make your stay in our better

-              What your rights regarding the submitted personal data are


HAPPINESS EOOD hereby declares that it applies all technical and organisational measures for protection of the personal data of natural persons, prescribed either by a law or another regulatory act on a national and European level.

What are personal data?

Any information and data which can identify a natural person, either directly or indirectly.

For example, indirect identification is only the number of your mobile phone. In this case, we will need a combination with another identifier to establish your identity, for instance full name and a mobile phone number.

Direct identification is achieved when you provide a unique identifier such as personal number, foreign national’s personal number, customer code.

What personal data does Captain Cook Delivery collect about you and for what purposes (why)?

To provide you with an effective access to our services, Captain Cook Delivery collects the following information and personal data about you.

Hereinbelow are the main categories of personal data we collect about you and the reasons (purposes) for which we process those personal data:

Information you submit on a voluntary basis:

I. Information about the registration when you set up an account on the Captain Cook Delivery website –, so that we would be able to:

1. Set up your account in order to be able to make your bookings in compliance with our Terms and Conditions;

2. Identify you when you log into your account;

3. Contact you for the purposes of performing the services rendered by us; and

4. Notify you of any changes or updates to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

II. Information you submit when using our services without registration, so that we would be able to:

1. Execute your order for a booking at the catering establishment you would like to visit;

2. Contact you for confirmation of the booking;

3. Communicate your order to the catering establishment of your choice;

4. Respond to your orders and questions regarding your bookings and solve any possible problems that arise;

III. Information you submit when sending messages via the form provided in our website, so that we would be able to:

1. Respond to your enquiries, complaints and commendation and solve any possible problems that arise;

2. Conduct analyses and surveys for the purpose of improving our Services; and

3. Protect you and the Services we provide by aiming to identify and prevent fraud and other acts in breach of our Terms and Conditions or rules relating to Captain Cook delivery’s Services.

Information about the transactions when you make a booking in a catering establishment for the following purposes:

1. To be able to process your reservation and if necessary prepare your bill and charge you (please be advised that Captain Cook Delivery never keeps the information about you credit/debit card in our systems);

2. To communicate your reservation to the catering establishment of your choice;

3. To send updates of the status of your booking and the catering establishment of your choice;

4. To be able to respond to your orders and questions about your booking and solve any possible problems that may arise;

5. To conduct analyses and surveys for the purpose of improving our Services; and

6. To protect you and the Services we provide by aiming to identify and prevent fraud and other acts in breach of our Terms and Conditions or rules relating to Captain Cook Delivery’s Services.

Information about your marketing preferences, so that we would be able to:

1. Send you tailored marketing messages about our services.

We use information from Feedback received from you about your opinion of our services so that we would be able to:

1. Respond to your questions or enquiries;

2. Publish the reviews you send us about the catering establishments visited by you, in the event of your explicit consent to such publication, after you have provided it for publication in the form of a comment and rating;

3. Conduct analyses and surveys for improvement and development of our services.

Information about your activities and actions for use of our services, so that we would be able to:

1. Provide you with a better experience while using our services;

2. Grant you access to the history and details of past orders; and

3. Render other services to you upon your request.

Cookies and similar technologies, so that we would be able to:

1. Measure and analyse the usage and effectiveness of our services;

2. Customise and optimise the targeting of the advertisements of our services on other websites and platforms; and

3. Render services related to your location in case you decide to share your geographic location.

Information we receive from other sources – third parties

1. Analytical reports from the analysis and surveys of our marketing activities for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns for our services; and

2. Gain a better understanding of your preferences, so that we can customise our marketing campaigns and Services according to your wishes.

Categories of personal data that we process:

-              Name, surname, telephone number, email address, town/city – upon completion of the different forms published on our website, to set up an initial registration, subscription to our newsletter and completion of the form for enquiries;

-              Information about your bookings;

-              Technical data which are automatically sent to us when you use our services via our website or our mobile applications - IP address, information about the device you are using;

-              Technical data which are automatically sent to us when you use our applications for mobile devices – information about the mobile device, IMSI number of the device, GPS coordinates,

-              Data from сookies – to identify your browser or device.

What does personal data processing mean?

Personal data processing includes collection, storage, disposal, transmission, correction, update, deletion, destruction and any other action applied to your personal data.

On what grounds (why) does Captain Cook Delivery process personal data about you?

The legal grounds for collection and use of your personal data, as described above, will depend on the specific context in which we collect them.

The main reason for the collection and use of your personal data is to perform our contract with you (i.e. to become convinced that you receive the service for making a booking).

Moreover, we will use your personal data when this is in performance of our legal business interests, but only when your interests in connection with the protection of your personal data or any other rights and liberties of yours do not take precedence to such interests.

In some cases, we may have a legal obligation – legal grounds to collect personal data from you (e.g. in case of court proceedings) or we may need to process or share them with other people in order to “protect your life interests” (save your life) or that of another person (e.g. in case the life of the other person is in danger).

In the event we ask you to submit personal data inorder to comply with some legal provision or enter into a contract with you, we will advise you of the circumstances in due time and will inform you whether the submission of personal data is compulsory or not (and will also explain the possible consequences of your refusal to submit personal data).

In addition, if we collect and use your personal data relying on our legal interests (or those of a third party), we will inform you in due time which those legal interests are.

Should you have any questions or need additional information about the legal grounds on which we collect and use your personal data, please contact us by using the contact data under "How to contact us?" above.

Captain Cook Delivery also collects personal data for the purposes of processing following the receipt of your explicit, clear, free and unambiguous consent.

For instance, for marketing purposes, in order to receive our latest promotions and new offers, as well as any other advertising newsletters.

The consent to the processing of your personal data is granted upon the registration with our website or upon the completion of the different forms published on our website (for enquiries and for subscription to the advertising newsletter).

The consent you grant may be revoked at any time by sending an email to or a written application to Captain Cook Delivery’s correspondence address at Sofia, "Doctor Yordan Yosifov" 1 Blvd, floor .

How do we receive your personal data? What methods do we use to process your personal data?

To provide products and services, Captain Cook Delivery processes (collects) the personal data submitted by you about your physical and economic identity, as follows:

-  from the applications, forms and declarations provided on Captain Cook Delivery’s website and completed by you. The forms are completed on our website in the respective places containing blanks for your personal data;

- from the visit of the web portal for use of the services of our website;

- from the update of data at your request and the completion of an update form on paper or electronically;

- by using online identifiers for collection of information about IP addresses, data from cookies, operating systems and browser type;

- from the subscription to the newsletter by electronic mail.


Electronic mail / newsletter

When you subscribe to our email newsletter, you will be asked to enter your email address. As a subscriber to the newsletter, we keep a record of your IP address, the emails you open, and the hyperlinks you click on in these emails, so that we would be able to recommend content, random offers by third parties and products you may find valuable more precisely. Each item of personal information you provide, including the email address, will not be submitted and sold to third parties. However, if you participate in a raffle, your email address may be submitted to the respective supplier for registration/activation and permanent maintenance. Under no circumstances will we request any credit card data for the purposes of advertising and receiving a newsletter by email.

For how long do we store and process your data before destroying them?

Captain Cook Delivery will keep your personal information for no longer than it is necessary to achieve the goals described in this Privacy Policy. The period of storage of the personal data may vary depending on the grounds on which we process your personal data.

The period of storage of your personal data, which we process only for the purposes of direct marketing and provision of promotional materials, is 2 years from the provision of your explicit consent. You can renew your consent an unlimited number of times, in which case the period will be extended from the date of the last consent you granted.

Your personal data are stored by us for a period of 5 years from the expiry of our contractual grounds in case we process the personal data in performance of any contractual obligations undertaken to you. After the expiry of this period and in the event there are no legal grounds to continue storing your personal data, the information about you is destroyed. The entries about you are deleted from our system permanently.

We can also keep certain elements of your personal information for a period of time after you delete or deactivate your user account for the purposes of our legal operations, such as keeping an archive and compliance with our legal obligations. Every time we keep your information, we do it in compliance with the applicable laws.

To whom can we submit the personal data provided by you?


Captain Cook Delivery does NOT submit your personal data to third parties without your explicit consent and does not sell its databases.

Captain Cook Delivery  shall not submit your personal data to third parties without your explicit consent, unless this is necessary to perform any contractual obligations undertaken to you.

Captain Cook Delivery may share your personal information (your personal data) with the following recipients (in each case, we will guarantee that we have adequate protective and contractual warranties to protect it):

1. the catering establishments of your choice for which you made a booking;

2. Captain Cook Delivery companies within our group;

3. Third parties maintaining our services (e.g., partners for marketing or promotions and discounts in the catering and entertainment field, based on your preferences, courier services, companies providing web hosting services);

4. Each enforcement or regulatory authority, government agency, court or any other third party, when the disclosure is necessary in compliance with the applicable laws or subordinate legislation;

5. New owners or reorganised legal entities in case of reorganisation, sale, purchase or joint venture related to our business.

6. Any other person or entity on condition that you provide your consent. We will never sell, disseminate or share your personal information in any other manner, unless we have your explicit consent to that.

Are there other cases in which we may share your personal data?

Your personal data are also submitted to third parties in the following cases:

-              At the request of the natural person providing the data comprising the subject of personal data protection;

-              At the request of any competent authorities in compliance with the effective legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and of the European Union.

In all aforementioned cases, the persons/entities to whom/which we submit your personal data have declared that they provide an adequate level of protection of your personal data, including the foreign companies located within the EU and EEA. As for the companies located outside the EU and EEA, for each specific case the respective company guarantees that it provides an adequate level of personal data protection, in compliance with the provisions of the European legislation.


What are your rights regarding the provided personal data?

In the event you are Captain Cook Delivery’s registered user, you have access to your account at all times in order to review and update your personal information, i.e. your personal data. You can also contact us to request that we update or delete your personal data, as well as to limit their processing.

In addition, you have the right to discontinue your subscription to the marketing communications we send you by using the function to unsubscribe from any marketing communication you receive from us or by sending an email to

Moreover, in compliance with the Bulgarian and the European legislation, including GDPR - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation) on personal data protection, you can exercise the following rights:

J The right to access to the personal data about you which Captain Cook Delivery processes and receive a copy of them


J The right to request that HAPPY DELIVERY make a correction, in the event you establish any inconsistencies or need to update your personal data, by sending an email to;


J The right to request blocking of your personal data or restriction of the processing of personal data, in the cases envisioned by the law and the Regulation;


J The right to request erasure, i.e. deletion of your personal data by Captain Cook Delivery, if appropriate.


J The right to objet to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing by using the link for “unsubscribe”, which we include in every email sent to you and containing advertising information about our products;


J The right to objet to the submission of your personal data to third parties by logging into your personal account on our website and remove the check related to the submission of personal data to third parties;


J The right, whenever you want, to withdraw the consent granted by you for processing of your personal data for the purposes to which you consented, e.g. for marketing, by sending an email to:;


J The right to make an order for portability of your personal data in a structured, machine-readable form, which is generally used;


J The right to file a complaint or application for protection of your rights to the Personal Data Protection Commission, if appropriate.

You can exercise all rights at any time of processing of your personal data.

Are you obliged to provide your personal data?

To be able to provide our products and services, we collect and process your personal data. We also process them with a view to performing our legal obligations.

In the event of your refusal to submit the requested personal data on a voluntary basis, Captain Cook Delivery will not be able to provide its products and services, for example you will not be able to receive the delivery of food or make a booking at one of our establishments.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

In the future, it is possible that we may need to update this Privacy Policy occasionally, in accordance with the changing legal, technical or business processes.

We recommend that you consult this page on a regular basis for the latest information about confidentiality practices.

In the event new purposes of processing of personal data or any other circumstances requiring your explicit consent arising as a result of any changes made to this Privacy Policy, we declare that you will also be notified thereof by sending an electronic mail to the instructed email address, whereby we will kindly invite you to confirm or refuse to grant your consent.

Thus, you will be given the opportunity to discontinue the use of some or all services and/or exercise your rights, part of which are explicitly listed above.

This Privacy Policy was adopted by HAPPINESS EOOD and became effective on 22.05. 2018.